Mom Proud of My Graduation

In 2018, I was released on home confinement following four years of confinement. I spent time in several county jails and federal prisons. One of the worst things about being incarcerated, particularly prior to being sentenced, is that there is little one can do to stimulate his mind. But where there is a will, there is a way. I was determined not to make my most difficult years, wasted years. If I could accomplish something worthwhile with my time, like earning a college degree, then all those years wouldn’t be in vain. 

Plus, I knew that when I was finally released, I would have to prove my worth. It was up to me to show why a second chance would be justified. For me, an academic credential is the best way to demonstrate my dedication to a new life. It is proof that even in bad circumstances, I used my time wisely and shows that I have the skills to succeed. Thus, it was important to me that I finish a recognized educational program.

From the perspective of someone on the inside, I saw the great need for meaningful opportunities to learn. 

As I talked to other inmates, I found that many others were interested in finishing their education, whether that means earning a high school diploma or finishing college. But doing this from behind bars is difficult, not only because it’s hard to find information on the available opportunities, but also because of the limitations placed on inmates by the facilities’ rules and policies.

Luckily, I had a supportive family that was able to get me the information I needed to enroll in college through correspondence, but others are not so lucky. They may have the desire to change their circumstances, but without access to information, it is difficult to discover the right path. It is my hope that this website will provide you with the resources necessary to help your loved one behind bars find the most appropriate program for him or her.

While my primary purpose is making it easy for families to find the right program for their incarcerated loved one, another purpose is to report on Prison Education programs. I hope my insight into these programs is helpful and my reporting encouraging. The third and final purpose of this site is to encourage the public to support prison education. Education has the power to change and transform lives. And it makes our community a better, safer place to live.

With that said, I hope you like this site.

-Wesley Upchurch