Prison Education Statistics
An infographic showing how investment in prison education drastically reduces recidivism. Education helps stop the cycle of incarceration. Each dollar spent on education saves taxpayers four dollars on the costs of future incarceration.

With one in 31 adults in the United States either incarerated, on probation, or parole, you would think that there would be a greater push to reduce recidivism. The sad reality is that about 40% of the incarcerated population will be reincarcerated within 10 years of their release. This just isn’t acceptable.

Fortunately, as this chart shows there is a solution. Education has been shown to reduce the rate of incarceration significantly. There is also a correlation between how much education someone has and how likely they are to reoffend. The higher a persons educational attainment, the less likely they are to end up back in prison. Spending money on prison education programs ultimately saves tax-payers’ money. For every dollar spent on education programs, four dollars is saved on the cost of reincarceration.

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